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Statement from Kate regarding teams.

Hi all

As we fast approach the time when lots of team competitions are underway, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that puts themselves forward, attends training, and of course, competes for the club. For everyone that gets to compete for the club, there will always be some members that are on the reserve list for that particular competition.  No team can run without a list of reserves regardless of the level that you ride at, whether it is for a riding club or Team GB!   In a perfect world we would love to send everyone, but this will not always be possible due to daylight hours, the goodwill of the organising club, stewards, judges, and of course the riders.  We are part of a growing BRC area with lots of competitive clubs, for this reason many organising clubs will implement a maximum number of teams that can enter.  The team managers will always do there best to give everyone a chance, many teams have to be decided at least 4weeks before an event, so as you can imagine anything can and does happen in that time.  Horses can get injured, riders can get injured or family commitments change.  This is the time that the reserves are required.  Many people had their first team experience by initially being a reserve rider, so please do support your team managers and if on this occasion you are on the reserve list, do not be disheartened as chances are you may well be competing at that competition as part of the team. If you are not to riding, why not come along to the area competitions and help the team manager and see the team compete, offer support, encouragement and be there to witness the great BDRC team spirit and of course the food! Thank you to all the team managers for all your hard work.    If anyone has any queries, please do not hesitate to let me know. All the best Kate x

Team Managers

Show Jumping 


Susie Glatt




Justine Jackman

Horse Trials/Eventers Challenger

Jo Dyer

 Combined Training

 Laura Nelmes


Upcoming Team Events! - 2019


5th January Combined Training Hartpury  

13th Jan

Senior/Junior Intermediate SJ (90/100/110) West Wilts  
Sat 23rd February Junior, Novice & Intermediate Dressage Leyland Court Severn Vale RC
Sun 24th February  Senior Dressage Leyland Court  SVRC
Sat 22nd June

Dressage to Music

Burrows Court Kingleaze RC 
Sun 21st July Showjumping  Rectory Farm Wessex Gold





Championship Dates 2019 - TBC



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