Berfeley Riding Club

The club aims to organise a number of different rallies throughout the year, these cater for riders of all abilities and groups will be organised accordingly. At all club rallies members are expected to abide by rally etiquette.

Payment methods:

BACS – Sort Code 09-01-51 acc 84275504 (please let the rally organiser know before making payment to ensure space available).

Cheques made payable to B&DRC. (Please note your space will not be secure until rally organiser has received cheque).


All rallies require helpers

2 helpers for jump rallies

1 helper for flat rallies

 Rally at Avon RDA will need 3 helpers per hour as all jumps need setting up at the start & putting away at the end.

Let the rally organiser know which rallies you will help with.

 *** 5 hours per year are expected ***


Winter Rallies Nov/Dec 2018, Jan 2019


Kate Scott @ Mumbleys     £20/ rider  (max 3 riders/session)

Sunday 18thNovember 10am, 11am & 12noon 

Sunday 9thDecember 10am, 11am & 12 noon

Sunday 13thJanuary 10am, 11am & 12 noon.

10am is for riders at intro to prelim level. 11am & 12 noon suitable for those riding at prelim, novice level & above.

Rally organiser Vicki MacDonald. vlmacdonald4@gmail.comph: 07876644271

Cheques to 64 Arbuts Drive, Coombe Dingle, Bristol, BS9 2PN


Gill Lawry (Intro) @ Kites Nest indoors £20/rider (max 3 riders/session)

Saturday 17thNovember 10am & 11am

Saturday 19thJanuary 10 am & 11am

10am flat with poles on the ground, 11am poles & small jumps.

These rallies are designed for novice or nervous riders & those with young horses.

Rally organiser Karen Gobey. Email 07789072870

Cheques sent to 6 John Bevan Close, Uplands, Stroud, GL5 1UL


Tom Buckland @ Billow Farm (Indoor) £20/rider (max 3 riders/session)

Wednesday 7thNovember 1pm & 2pm

Wednesday 16thJanuary 1pm & 2pm

These are flat work sessions

Rally organiser Dee Hargreaves ph: 07954074047 email

Cheques to 5 Brookcote Drive, Little Stoke, Bristol, BS34 6LG


Simon Jobbins SJ @ Mumbleys  £23/rider (max 3 riders/session)

Sunday 25thNovember 11am & 12noon

Sunday 27thJanuary 11am & 12noon

11am 60-70 cm 12noon 70-80+ cm

Rally organiser Dee Hargreaves. See above.


Tanya Neville SJ @ Mumbleys  £20/rider (max 3 riders/session)

Saturday 10thNovember 11am & 12noon

11am jumping 60-70cm 12noon jumping 80+cm

Rally organiser Helen German ph: 07774716161

Rachel Sheldon SJ @ Avon RDA (indoor)  £20/rider (4 riders/session)

Sunday 2ndDecember 11am & 12noon

Jumping 60-70 cm at 11am 75-85+ at 12noon.


Rachel Sheldon @ Summerhouse (Arena Event jumps) £20/rider (4 riders/session)

Sunday 6thJanuary 11am jumping 60-70 cm & 12noon 80+cm

Rally organiser Helen German ph: 07774716161


Jo Dyer @ Leyland Court £21.50/rider (3 riders/flat session, 4 riders/ jump session)

Thursday 22ndNovember 10am flat work indoor arena, 11am SJ mixed height outdoor

Thursday 6thDecember 10am flat work indoor arena, 11am SJ mixed height outdoor

Thursday 24thJanuary 10am flat work indoor arena, 11am outdoor arena eventing jumps.

Rally organiser Jo Evans email: Text ph: 07825543266. Cheques to 73 Longcroft, Yate, BS37 7YN


Janet McDonald Pole rally @ Tan House Farm £15/rider (3 riders/session)

Tan House Farm, Berkeley, GL13 9LP

Sunday November 4th 11am suitable for Intro/prelim level. 

                                           12noon prelim/novice level.

Rally organiser Jo Evans email: Text ph: 07825543266. Cheques to 73 Longcroft, Yate, BS37 7YN




















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